No Longer a Minor Setback

I’ve gained 7 pounds in less than a month. I’m tired, pissy, hungry all the time…I goddamn hate this. I mostly just slept yesterday. And the side effects are supposed to last the entire three months.

Why would I ever change my mind about this horrible shot? I’m fricken miserable! I’m never signing up for another three months of this, no thank you.

So I’m going to start my biking schedule on Tuesday? Yes, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.

Even at the workshop I felt like I was having a hard time staying totally alert, and I was actively participating!

I’ve got to be better with water. If I’m honest, I haven’t been drinking enough of it. Lots of diet soda.

I will have to think of some kind of smallish reward for getting myself back on track and staying on track for a specified length of time.

I was thinking I’d do the closet today. I have tons of clothes hanging on my bedroom door, waiting to be closeted. It’s already pretty full, though. I might have to purge some more stuff. But I think my closet contains only smaller clothes, which I don’t want to get rid of.

I guess I’ll figure it out when I’m in there.

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