The Good News Is

The good news is I was in bed asleep at 8 pm last night, although unfortunately I missed reading time with Desmond and playing the Friends game with Derek.

The bad news is it’s 4 am and I’m not sure if there’s any point trying to go back to sleep now. The couch is not comfortable for sleeping. I don’t want to disturb the kids.

It seems there’s no way around our high deductible, and we are just going to have to meet it somehow. Why does health insurance suck so bad?

They said I’ve met $0.00 of the deductible thus far, which I don’t understand, since I just spent $128 on a 30-day supply of Adderall a few days ago.

I found a coupon for Latuda, but it would only cover $400 of the $1,000. There’s no way I can spend $600 on this stuff.

My doctor also prescribed me Abilify as a backup, though, so that’s what I’m going to get. He is for some reason certain that I gained weight from it, but I was on it for years and I don’t think it had anything to do with my weight gain. And I liked it much better than the Latuda. It did not give me restless legs. It helped me feel better immediately during my postpartum depression. And it’s way cheaper.

I guess I will try to make it work on the couch with the cats for an hour or so.

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