Up Twice This Morning

I guess I must just have to accept that this is my life right now: hormonal imbalance, underemployment, and interrupted sleep. What else can I do?

It just sucks, and I am powerless to change it. And that massively frustrates me.

9 points left for today. Better than 4, like yesterday.

I’ll be glad to see Annie at work. She came back on my day off, but had yesterday off, so our paths haven’t crossed, yet, this week.

This isn’t a complaint, so I think I can say it: I didn’t ring at all, yesterday. We had a lot of people up front, though. I’m sure everyday won’t be that way. There will be fitting room days. Still, at least they’re trying to meet me halfway.

I got to work late yesterday morning, so I stayed a little later, too, but then Derek called and I had to get to Desmond’s school by 3:45 to get his laptop, so I had to book it. I didn’t get there until 3:48, but there were still people there, so I got the laptop. Then I went to Cleary Cleaners with my pants, but the seamstress wasn’t there today, and John’s on 4th Street is gone.

I won’t have time to go to Mr. Carl’s in Portsmouth unless I use my entire lunch, because I work 7-5. Now that I’ve found these pants, I really want to wear them. They are more for summer, though, I might be cold.

Then I went to my appointment and got the $1,000+ Latuda increase. I hope there’s something else I can take.

At this point, it kind of doesn’t make sense to try to go back to sleep. Might as well get in the shower. I did gather all my necessary clothing from the dryer last night, though, so no running around the house nakey will be necessary today.

It doesn’t look like there’s any snow, yet. If you’re commuting in southern or central New Hampshire today, please be careful.

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