The Pictures I Said I’d Add to My December 30 Post

As promised, here I are. I’m sorry I have no recent pictures I’m proud of, or even somewhat recent…oh, wait. I do have one from a few years ago that’s okay…nope, never mind. Desmond is in the picture, and I’ve become nervous about posting my kids’ photos on social media. Sorry.

Mischievous smile, twinkle in the eye…she’s definitely up to something.
The black & white from the pretend 1940s

As you can see, I was really tiny when I got married. Like, the wind from the snow storm actually blew me over a few times that afternoon. Luckily, the snow blended into my dress.

And, yes, I do look like my dad. I know.

In the B & W, Derek was looking off into the distance because he saw someone besides our photographer taking our picture. Everyone in Newport, New Hampshire knows everyone else. The quizzical look is him trying to figure out who the mystery photographer was.

So, yeah. I’ve still got 40 or more pounds on that little 22-year-old twinkie. But it’s alright. I’ll get there. Okay, maybe not there, like, 40-more-pounds-to-lose there, but to my goal.

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