Got an email from the superintendent, and, wouldn’t you know it, today will be just a traditional snow day: no remote learning. So I burned rubber yesterday for nothing. Oh, well.

And, the kids have all their snow gear, now, all washed and ready to wear. And no one can take them outside because of work. Well, maybe Derek could, but it would be pretty late.

There is some snow on the ground, now. Desmond is up in his room, but Aislyn’s not up, yet. I wonder if I can get Derek to help me measure my inseam. That would save me a lot of time at the tailor. If, in deed, the tailor is even open in these conditions.

Or Desmond. He loves to measure things. Although probably not Mama’s crotchal region. Awkward!

He could do the inseam of one of my pairs of petite pants, though. Maybe we’ll do that, if he’s up for it.

I should get out there and start my car at least 10 minutes prior to leaving. That’s something I never remember to do. I will set an alarm.

I’m compiling a post of alternative blog names, kind of tongue-in-cheek, but some of them are actually pretty good, and I’m not sure I want to share them.

But I probably don’t need to worry. My blog isn’t really anything like most others. It’s basically a diary that I share, for the most part. An invite into my stream of consciousness. And I’m okay with that, even if some other people aren’t.

I just wish I had thought of “My Secret Public Journal.” Dammit, Mike Birbiglia!

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