Tomorrow is Friday

It seems like it’s been a long week. I have one more 10-hour day, then I go back to regular, 8-hour days.

I should be folding laundry. But I’d rather sit here and write this. And do naughty things…like eat Fudge Rounds.

My doctor agreed to up my Latuda because of the effects of the Depo. But then I got a call from the pharmacy and the woman wanted to let me know it would cost me $1,000+ to have it filled. Of course, our deductible has reset for the year.

Maybe this means I won’t have to take Latuda at all, anymore. It seems to help my mood, but I get horrible restless legs from it.

There’s got to be something else, maybe with a generic version. Who can afford $1,000 prescriptions? No one I know.

Health insurance is just…I mean…the pharmaceuticals industry…how can they sleep at night? So no one but the wealthy deserve to be well?

I guess I just don’t get it.

Not looking forward to driving tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to leave way earlier than usual, too. The clothes I want for tomorrow are in the dryer in the basement, and I am on the second floor, and full, and I don’t feel like moving.

I suppose I can just run down there tomorrow morning, half-naked, from the shower. But I will be cold!

Aislyn is so funny. If she catches me changing without having bothered to close the door all the way or in a weird place like in the kitchen (no one would be able to see into our back window) she’ll say, “Mama, no one wants to see you nakey.”

I just laugh. “No, probably not,” I say.

She used to call Desmond’s private part a “butt stick.” Where she got “butt stick,” I’ll never know.

“Where’s my butt stick?” She asked us one day.

“Girls don’t have those,” I said, “only boys do. And they’re not butt sticks, they’re penises.”

“So Desmond has a penises?”

“Yes, I mean, no! I mean…”

Before I know it, I’ll have to be having the puberty talk with her, and the anti-drug talk, and then, The Talk. I’m in no hurry.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday. I’m looking forward to the weekend, and grateful to still have weekends to look forward to.

I must go read to Desmond, now.

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