A Massive Overhaul

I’m going through all my past posts and I can’t believe how many of them contain stuff I don’t necessarily want seen. This is going to take a while.

I got up around 6:30 this morning, but I’m so drowsy right now. Drowsy, yet restless legs. I should take an extra Mirapex. That helped before. It’s not like I’m driving anywhere.

Sometimes just getting up helps. I should go through the kids’ drawers and eliminate outgrown clothes. Desmond’s dresser is a nightmare because of all the hand-me-downs and Christmas and just stuff I’ve bought. Aislyn’s dresser is starting to become a disaster, too.

I think Aislyn is big for her age. Not heavy, just bigger than a typical 4-year-old. She’s a 6x-7. She’s in the 67th percentile for height. She must take after Derek that way. She’ll be at least a few inches taller than me, but she’s probably going to have my body. She’s already got a bit of a shape through her hips.

Desmond is very slender, so that he is prone to flood pants. He’s like Derek was when he was a little boy. Good thing boys’ pants are adjustable on the inside, now, because I don’t sew all that well; I’m pretty much self-taught.

10 a.m. I’ve finished Aislyn’s dresser and her community closet. I say “community” because, before she was born and until she stopped rooming with us, her bedroom was “the play room” and her closet was for everyone’s coats. We gradually transitioned the play room into Aislyn’s bedroom as she transitioned from an infant to a toddler.

In retrospect, I don’t think we’d do it that way again. But Desmond was okay with it, I think. At least I don’t remember him being really upset about losing the play room. His bedroom is huge. No closet, though.

However, Aislyn’s closet remains a community closet. Having been a tween and teenage girl, myself, I realize that in a few years that’s not gonna fly with her. We’re going to have to figure out something else before we know it.

Next, I need to clean out Desmond’s dresser. His is far more concerning than Aislyn’s was. You can almost not get into his dresser, he has so many clothes. And unfortunately, unlike in Aislyn’s case, I think most of the clothes in his dresser still fit him.

I know there are much worse problems, like not having enough clothes, but this young man is already incredibly disorganized in his living space (he does not get that from me), and a flooding dresser isn’t great for him.

Possibly, he just has too much stuff in general, because you’d think, with his A-type personality, he’d be organized to a fault, like, telling me how to organize the house. Alas, he is entirely the opposite of neat, and I have basically given up trying to keep things orderly in there. Aislyn, a natural B-type, is the same way in her space, although, interestingly, not as extreme.

It seems, when it comes to organization, I am an A-type living in a B-home. I’m not going to say it doesn’t stress me out.

Unfortunately, I get frustrated and, instead of trying to fix it, most of the time, I give up, do something else, and the whole downstairs seems to go to shit overnight, as well.

Yes, I know we have little kids and both work full time. But that doesn’t make me feel better about the fact that every room down here usually looks like a day care threw up in it.

Actually, though, I have to say, the living room is pretty good right now. I just need to Bona the floor (it’s the name of a hardwood floor spot cleaner, you pervs, getcha minds outta the guttah!—Born and raised in Massachusetts, that’s how we talked, I sweah to Gawd).

Now it’s almost 11:00 and I’ll have to feed Aislyn before I get started up there. I just know the longer the break I take from it, the less likely it is that I’ll get started again at all. And it needs to get done. So does the grownup bathroom.

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