Reality Check for Leah

I had to shelve those glorious size mediums for the time being. Although I can technically get them on and over my…let’s call them shapely thighs, hips, and bottom, and tie them up, as I said, they are tight in the bum, uncomfortable around the waist, and questionable for bending and moving around. I’m afraid I will split them open at the present time. It would be just like me to have that kind of clothing crisis.

The good news is I wouldn’t have to go home to change. I could just buy some new pants and put them on in the bathroom.

The good news is the pants were only $12.99 plus a 10% discount.

The good news is I’m getting back on program today, so in a few weeks, those marvelous mediums should fit comfortably, and I won’t have to buy as many new pants in a few weeks because I’ll already have a medium and a pair of size 10 jeans waiting for me.

The good news is they are all ironed and ready for me when I put them on again in approximately three weeks.

That’s good news all around.

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