All Day I Dream About NSVs

I’m astonished. I brought home a size medium pair of pants. Not gonna lie, they were snug in the buttzone, but they fit. Medium! Pants!!

Usually, I cut all my tags out of my clothes (and everything else) because I don’t like tags. Yes, it’s a tactile issue, but it’s also an I’m-psycho issue, and I get teased mercilessly for it.

But I will not be cutting the M out of those pants. I’m too proud of it. I haven’t been a medium in pants since, since…I don’t even know!

Now, granted, it’s probably the style of pant (hahaha I just wanted to say “pant” to be fancy). They are made to be baggy, flowy, and they do have an elastic waistband.

But still, medium!! Not long ago I was ordering 2 and 3x.

Even as a skinny girl, I always still had hips and a behind. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I don’t think most men think it’s a bad thing, either.

I think I may weigh myself daily for a while, like Noom recommends, just to see if it might keep me more accountable. Maybe even just for this week, to see how it goes.

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