All Day I Dream About Biking

No I don’t. I’ve just got that song stuck in my head and would rather not write the explicit word.

Other songs with super-suggestive lyrics:

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies: Here Comes the Snake.

Queens of the Stone Age: Skin on Skin.

The inevitable crash is on, now. I need sleep, but won’t get any until at least 8:30. It’s my night to put Aislyn to bed, and I always put Desmond to bed. Derek is upstairs doing Game Day with friends on Zoom or Google Meet or whatever. The kids are playing together while I’m fading on the couch, but there’s a fine line between playing and fighting with them, sometimes.

I should get up and do something, keep busy till bedtime. There’s a ton of laundry to fold, but, as tempting as that is…somehow, I’m just not that excited about it.

I should read Alice-Marie’s novella. I’ve been delaying for months. Not because I don’t like it; it’s quite good. I’m just the biggest procrastireader in the universe. Plus, reading anything right now will likely lull me to sleep.

It’s only 40 pages and I said I would read it and give feedback. Months ago. I am a bad, bad friend.

I just had to take bedtime book away from Aislyn for hitting Desmond with a rocking horse and then refusing to go to her room after two 5-second countdowns. This threat mostly works, but occasionally it doesn’t, and then I have to follow through with it.

I absolutely hate taking away book time. It is the worst thing you can deny your kid. Plus, I know it’s not an immediate consequence, so it’s actually a horrible plan right from the get-go.

But as of now, I’ve got nuthin. It was the only thing that came to mind, even though threatening to take away screen time probably would’ve worked and certainly would’ve been better for her.

They are both really rigid in their play. It’s hard to play with them because they already know exactly what they want you to do. There’s little room for spontaneity in Des World.

Desmond is probably the more rigid of the two. He was all upset with Aislyn because she couldn’t accurately identify the locations of his imaginary landmarks.

“Desmond,” I said, “lighten up, buddy.” Which of course means squat to him.

Oh, well. I’m going to go do something, anything before I fall asleep and then can’t sleep tonight.

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