December 30

December 30 is my anniversary. The year 2000: it was snowing in Newport, New Hampshire, the town where we were married. It made for some pretty pictures.

There is one photo of me entering the church with Derek’s friend Brian, with a blue blanket over my shoulders. It’s one of maybe five pictures of me in the history of ever that I actually like. I may add it here later. Check back.

There is a black and white of Derek and me leaving the church where we are both looking off into the distance that appears as though it was taken in the 1940s.

The Reverend (and good friend) Tom Shanklin officiated, although he had recently broken a rib (possibly the morning of? I’m not sure).

We had ordered a white limo from the limousine service. We were very specific about wanting the white, not the blue, limo, which was clearly an 80’s model and rather odd-looking, boxy. They were snooty to me when I called to confirm the white limo. Guess which limo they sent us. Our driver was also vintage 80’s.

My mother was disappointed that I would be wearing my glasses in the wedding.

“I can’t see without them, Mom.”

“Can’t you wear contacts?”

“No, Mom, I can’t wear contacts.”

She insisted on me not wearing my glasses in some of my photos. They are odd-looking, because I always wear glasses. Contacts have always given me headaches. I could get LASIK, but I think it would upset a lot of people.

It was a beautiful ceremony. My maid of honor sang. Tom gave a sermon about agape and eggs.

It was a memorable reception at what was the Edgemont House at the time. There was no cake-mashing because neither of us believed in that. My mother-in-law caught the bouquet. Brian caught the garter. Awkward!

We put a disposable camera on each table, and got many great pictures that way: Derek’s little cousins blowing bubbles, my dad, sneaking in some cake. Derek’s friend, Rob, our DJ, took pictures of the waitresses.

Inside the Edgemont House, the Donahers, Gonyos, Allisons, Wrights, and of course, the Taylors and all of their friends partied.

Outside the Edgemont House, a blizzard was brewing.

“You’re staying at Best Western for the night, right?” I asked my stepmom.

“Oh, no,” she said, “Your dad’s an excellent driver, we’ll be fine getting home.”

Home for them was Salem, Massachusetts, 2 1/2 hours one way on a good day.

Derek and I were supposed to start our honeymoon at the Hideaway Inn that night. We postponed to the next night and just went home.

Five hours after everyone had left the Edgemont, Dad and Mimi finally called. They had made it home, but it took five hours!

“It was whiteout conditions,” said Mimi. “We should’ve stayed.”

“Agreed,” I said.

Other than that, someone hit a guard rail, but no one got hurt. All of our guests made it home safely.

Despite the snow storm, it was a beautiful day and night, one I will remember forever. Despite the retro limo and driver, it was a perfect wedding.

Happy Anniversary, Derek. I love you very much!

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