I ruined today, too. But not with the eggplant parm and sweet potato fries. Before that, I had fudge rounds right out of the box on my way out of Walmart, I was so hungry.

Don’t worry, I got my HBEs (hard boiled eggs) for lunch tomorrow. Going to undo the last week and a half with the next week and a half. Well, I’m going to try.

This is a temporary setback, part holiday, part horrible med.

The unfortunate thing is I’m doing inventory on Sunday, so no WW meeting this weekend, either. Missing meetings is never helpful. The meetings help me stay on track: accountability. Kevin had said they were really hard up, so I reluctantly agreed to do it.

I also reluctantly agreed to do Somersworth the following day.

I may go back down to 7-3 in January. We’ll see what happens with Aislyn’s PT.

I’m extremely tired. I may not make it beyond Desmond’s bedtime tonight.

If I don’t see you, have a good night.

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