Tomorrow’s going to be suckful if I can’t get back to sleep soon. This really isn’t healthy.

Maybe I should contact that dumb doctor and share this with him. He never even responded, as far as I know.

Dear Dr. Dumbass:

I’m sorry you don’t think snoring is significant enough to address, but it’s currently impacting at least two peoples’ health and wellness. One of those people is your patient.

And, yes, I have tried ear plugs. Not only do they not always eliminate the noise, but I worry that they will condition me to ignore my alarm. Plus, wouldn’t that just be slapping a Band-Aid on a bigger problem?

Couldn’t it be sleep apnea? Lots of people have sleep apnea. Untreated apnea can be dangerous, right? Derek insists it’s not sleep apnea, but how does one really know? Are self-diagnoses accurate? Shouldn’t it be ruled out? There are tests you can take at home, now.

They were going to test me for sleep apnea. The neurologist told me I probably did have it. But my insurance for some reason wouldn’t cover an in-house sleep study (I also have nightmares and they wanted to observe me) and in any case, my snoring, to my knowledge, has not been a problem recently. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I had that consult.

Or if it’s truly a sinus or congestion problem, wouldn’t you want to know that for sure? Wouldn’t knowing make it easier to fix?

Or maybe a doctor would have other ideas about how to handle the snoring. The Neil-med or whatever it’s called didn’t work. A doctor might know of something different to try.

Clearly this issue is much more important to me than it is to the doctor. And this is what happens when two peoples’ priorities aren’t in sync. Things fall through the cracks.

If it were me, though, I wouldn’t let it fall through. I’d bug them until someone got back to me with some sort of response. In my experience, sometimes you only get results with persistence. Especially right now.

Look, no one likes to pester people for what they need, myself included. In fact, I hate it, and rather resent when I’m put in a position where I have to do it. But it seems to be a fact of life. Especially right now.

The bottom line is that I can’t continue this way. Something needs to change. And everyday that nothing happens takes a little more of a physical and emotional toll on me.

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