Should be Folding Laundry

All of the shirts I bought fit, but two of them didn’t look good. The one that did was actually a small.

I also found shoes that I love. I’m just not sure, yet, that they love me.

Annie is going back to a 7-3 schedule in January. I’m wondering if I should ask to do the same, or whether that would fly if I’m trying to get promoted. 10 hours is too long.

I have to talk to the PT place tomorrow to schedule Aislyn. Maybe I can figure it out after I do that.

Note to self: call PT tomorrow.

This reminder will do me absolutely no good unless, for some reason, I look at this post tomorrow. Or Mom or Derek see it and remind me.

Today has been another terrible WW day. I’m going to have to like the hard boiled eggs whether I want to or not. Even lactose-free shakes hurt my stomach.

Going back to hb eggs for lunch will help because they’re 0 points. And, at least pre-Depo, they kept me satisfied all day.

Tomorrow I will have avocado toast for lunch, because I threw out all of my eggs, and, for me, avocado is 0 points, and avocado toast is very good. 2 points for the bread, that’s it. I just can’t afford it everyday.

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