My Poor, Squished Phone

No pockets without my sweater today, and I’m too hot to wear my sweater over another pretty much sweater. Tons of compliments on my skirt, though. No one needs to know how high it’s riding up my torso.

My cheapy Walmart sweater already has a really noticeable pull on the forearm that I can’t repair. After four hours of wear. I guess, what did I expect for $12? So it’s going to have to be the holey shirt, from now on, with this skirt.

I seem to be feeling better, now. Maybe I’m not such a horrible person, so much as fallible, impulsive, prone to mistakes, slow to learn from them. I don’t know.

Maybe I need more spirituality in my life. Or maybe I just need a massage and a good, stiff drink. Nah. Not the drink, anyway.

Back to it. Whether you’re home, working, or both this week, have a good rest of the morning and a nice afternoon.

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