Messy Christmas

It was a successful Christmas for all. Aislyn’s opening a nursery for all the Cry Babies she got, and Desmond’s building a lab for all the STEM activities he received.

Derek got tons of games and clothes, and I got a new LL Bean purse, autographed latest Tori Amos CD, clothes, and a gift card to my favorite place to shop.

Both kids got Pound Puppies from Santa—nice throwback to my childhood, thanks, Target. It’s cute how Desmond dotes on his: “Nice Roland.”

Aislyn named her puppy Italy. That’s okay, Desmond has a hedgehog he named Sesame Street many years ago.

Derek and I got a beautiful throw with pictures of the kids printed on it from Mom.

We had a delicious turkey dinner and, after food, dishes, some preliminary cleanup, and washing new clothes, I am ready for a nap.

I forgot how much work Christmas is!
My beautiful daughter
I think I make that same face.

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