Merry Christmas

Everyone is up and the kids have opened their stockings. Pez, Kisses, M & Ms, Tootsie Rolls, Danish cookies. Hmm, Santa wasn’t thinking much about their teeth that day, I guess. Probably just what was on sale.

Play-Doh, cotton snowballs, water bottles, Magic 8 Balls, blue light glasses. Aislyn’s glasses are too big, but I have to say, she looks adorable in them. Desmond, too.

Desmond might need real glasses when he’s older. Between his dark blue eyes, his wild curly hair, brooding intelligence and possibly now glasses, in a few years I’m going to be beating girls away with a stick. Or my broom: “Shoo! Shoo, my pretties!”

We all just had a fake snowball fight. So much fun. The kids love it, you don’t have to bundle up to brave the cold, and no one gets hurt or sent to the principal.

More to follow. Stay tuned, dear readers, and hope you’re having a great day.

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