That was Never 15 Minutes Just Now!

I’m on my break and they called me to register. But they must’ve figured it out, because they canceled the page.

Even if I do spend the whole day ringing, at least I know I’ve gotten a good stroke of business done this morning, lots of odds and ends. It’s been a good workout. Almost 4,000 steps as of 9:30.

I rather naively hoped it would be dead today because it’s Christmas Eve, but, nope! It’s amazing how many people leave their shopping until the last possible minute. Kind of annoying. Even I’ve been done my shopping since last weekend.

Well, okay. I did grab one little thing for Desmond: a deck of Bob Ross playing cards. We’ve been watching Joy of Painting with him the last couple of nights. For his stocking. I’m pretty sure he’ll think it’s funny.

I’m doing inventory here and in Somersworth January 2 and 3, respectively. 4:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. The good news is I’ll see all my old friends. The good news is I’ll be done at 2. Or so they say.

NSV: Two people said I looked cute today. Cus, you know, that’s what I wanna be: cute. Nah, I’m just kidding. Cute is good. Cute is great, actually, after the last two years we’ve all had. I’ll take it.

Plus, it would probably have been totally weird if they had said, “Wow, Leah, you look smokin’ hot today!” Actually, you can get in trouble for stuff like that, nowadays.

But people still find ways to say it without saying it, sometimes.

I am pretty good at reading the nonverbal. Since I was a kid. Sometimes what you don’t say with your voice, you say with your eyes, or your smile, or your physical proximity. I guess everyone knows that, though.

But I know a lot about nonverbal language because I’ve always been fascinated by it. How you can tell if someone likes or dislikes you sometimes just by reading their body. Your nonverbal does 70% of the talking, anyway.

Back to work!

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