No Rest for the Wicked

It’s funny because the original saying, of course, is “No rest for the weary.” And the name Leah literally means “the weary.” Nice choice, Mom and Dad, thanks.

But I’m more wicked than weary, anyway.

I have another Depo headache today.

They had me on a condensing project. I like condensing.

Also, I found an amazing mail sorter, finally! I’ve been searching for years. It’s like a piece of furniture, and just $30. I just need to figure out where in my kitchen I’m going to put it. But it’s slim, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is it weird that I’m excited about a mail sorter? Or is it just me being me?

I think I’m all done hard boiled eggs. Ever since that day they went bad on me, they’ve all just tasted wrong. It’s okay. I have dairy-free protein shakes (dairy hurts my stomach). Three points vs. zero. That’s alright. I’m tired of stuffing eggs in my face everyday, anyway.

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