Lunch Break

Desmond is home today, doing remote school. I hope tomorrow is better weather, because I think they have their little holiday party, and I found a nice teacher gift for Mrs. Kostis. A little wooden sign that says “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?” And a cup with an “S” for Stacey, filled with Ghirardelli chocolate.

I like Mrs. Kostis a lot. She gets Desmond’s dry, sometimes sardonic sense of humor. She gets Desmond in general.

She was very kind when we had to have him tested in October and I was panicking over it.

I’m thinking about going out to my car and spending the rest of my lunch there. These two college-aged girls have come in from another store to help us, and, while I know I should be grateful, they’re so annoying.

I know I was the exact same at their age.

Like, seriously, I cannot even concentrate!

Yeah, I’m going to go get some coffee.

Several minutes later: well, break’s almost over, it’s cold and rainy, Dunkin’ took forever and I lost my parking space.

Still totally worth it.

Have a nice afternoon, my dear readers.

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