Holey Moley!

It hasn’t been a great week for me. I’ve been mostly off program for the last few days, I don’t know why. But you know what I’m going to blame it on. Anyway, I’ve been feeling bad about my noncompliance.

But here’s something good: a year or more ago, I bought this beautiful, long, patterned black skirt from Zulily, knowing it probably wouldn’t fit at the time, but loving the pattern so much, I didn’t care. It fits now.

But that’s not even the best part. I needed a solid, fitted black top to go with the skirt. So I looked for one today at work. All I could find that met that criteria was a medium-sized shirt with a big hole in the front. Not a rip, an intentional opening to show a little skin.

I don’t particularly like that style of shirt, but I couldn’t find anything else that would work, and we have no fitting room, so I bought it to try at home.

Right after that, I also bought a cheapy black turtleneck while at Walmart, because I didn’t have an awful lot of confidence in the holey shirt.

Well, not only does the holey shirt fit, it actually looks quite good, like, maybe even “Woo-woo” good.

I’m getting my mojo back for Christmas.

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