Brighter Moments

Almost finished wrapping my presents. I’ve got all of mine for Derek and the kids done, that was the bulk of it.

For this year’s anniversary, Derek got me two beautiful Willow Tree figurines. He was looking for a whole family of four, but there isn’t one. So the first one is father and daughter, and the second one is mother and son. The kids actually really look like, well, the kids. And the mother’s hair is reddish like mine.

I was nearly in tears when I saw them.

Father and Daughter. Resembles Aislyn.
Mother and Son. Looks just like Desmond (without his pandemic-length hair)

Right now they’re on top of a tall shelf in the bedroom, because we’re not sure where to put them, since they are very pretty but delicate, and of course Aislyn is naturally drawn to them, wants to touch them, play with them, and so on.

We will probably put them somewhere in the living room when she’s older.

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