Put Elf on the Shelf

We decided it would be a good idea to show Desmond the movie Elf. Elf was a bad choice. Except for Frozen, Aislyn talks, sings, spins, and dances through entire movies. Desmond just plain pouts through them. He does not like to be made to sit through movies, especially ones that he hasn’t chosen.

They did both laugh at a few funny parts, Desmond begrudgingly, but other than that, it was an epic fail. We got less than halfway through it before giving up.

Obviously it wasn’t age-appropriate for Aislyn, but she always wants to do what the rest of us are doing, so we figured she’d happily join us and most of it would go over her head, anyway.

Desmond has always been that way, would not sit through movies, even in the theater with my father. We used to think he was just too young, but now he’s almost 9. He shows no signs of ADHD, so I know it’s not that.

I think he’s just stubborn. If he’s made up his mind he’s not going to like something, no one’s going to prove him wrong. He does not like to be wrong.

I guess I’d better not ever try to get him to watch A Christmas Story with me, then. Sons of bitches, Bumpuses!

He loves to read with us, though. And he’s been happy to help me wrap presents the last two nights for 90 minutes a pop.

He loves for the whole family to play school on the weekends. He actually gives us writing prompts, it’s so cute. It’s fun, actually. I always just barely finish in time.

He’s different, no question about it. Ask me how surprised I am about that. But we love him that way.

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