How You Like Me Now?

Down 4.8. I can’t find a name for the next set of 10 pounds better than “decade.” I don’t think there is one. But I’m in it.

Just to give you an idea, I’m about 17 pounds from the high end of a healthy weight/ BMI. Last Christmas, I weighed 195 pounds. And I’m 5’1.

Just this past May, I had gotten up to 208. That’s a lot of extra baggage on my little frame.

When my relatives on the Allison side last saw me in July, I was 186. If only they could see me now. Well, my Aunt Leenie’s coming up today, which means I at least need to clean the downstairs bathroom.

I’d thought we’d have a storm today, so I didn’t do anything all weekend. Bathroom’s yucky, kitchen and dining room are messy, stairs are horrible because I hate my vacuum that I paid $400 for (sucks so hard, difficult to wield).

Unfortunately, I have a Depo headache and fatigue; almost fell asleep at the workshop.

I’m about 24-29 pounds from my “definitely healthy” goal, and 34-39 pounds from my “really skinny” goal. I’m not sure I want to get down to RS at 44. I’ll see how I look and feel at DH. I have a feeling I’ll be happy with DH.

Anyway, better get going.

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