Clothing NSVs

I know I said I wouldn’t keep belaboring my boobosity. But this is Wardrobe Malfunctions, and I’ve got one for you.

I spent a couple of hours cleaning the downstairs. The kids’ bathroom is pristine, now (ours is not). But I digress.

I think it may be time to purge my collection of wireless bralettes. I use them mostly for working out and on Sundays for some reason (maybe for weigh-ins, because they’re lighter than my regular, underwire bras).

Anyway, I ordered them back in May, when I began this journey, in size XL/ XXL. Well, I had to constantly adjust and readjust while I was cleaning, because every time I looked down my shirt…there I was. Apparently, spillage happens when your underwear gets too big.

I got my next-size-down jeans and tried them on. As expected, they’re too tight right now to wear, but I am able to zip and button them closed around my belly, which I was 100% not expecting. In maybe three or four weeks, they should be perfect.

For the most part, it’s been a good day.

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