WW Week in Review

It’s been a mixed bag this week. Several days were quite good, while two really sucked. I’m trying to be as good as possible tonight for tomorrow’s weigh-in (even if I don’t go to the workshop, I’ll still get on my scale and record that weight). I’m hoping I can get there though, because their scale is always lower than mine.

In a little while I will probably do a workout. I got all dressed for it because I forgot we were eating early, but then we ate, so I’m just letting my stomach settle for a while, first. But this will be my only workout for the week.

I did finish my Motivated list, and I’m looking forward to using it. I’ve already listened to it in my car a couple of times. Of course, I’ll have to turn it way down around the kids.

Shane just got off my lap, so now might be a good time to flip the laundry and get on the bike.

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