NSVs Rule!

I was in the bedroom talking to Derek while he was working (he works from home) and getting my biking gear on. I took off my shirt and he said, “Wow!”

“What?” I said.

“I can really see a difference with your weight loss.”

Must be doing something right, I guess.

I didn’t have to ring so much today. But I still felt sad, like crying this afternoon. I think it’s the goddamned Depo.

Well anyway, that NSV helped me feel better. Also, I got some more Christmas shopping done in record time after work, and, I found a gift for my brother, Erik, finally! It’s a small water fountain that lights up. I think it’s Homedics, which is a pretty good brand. They make white noise machines, if memory serves.

I also got Super Mario pajamas for Desmond, and a dancing Grunch for both kids, but Desmond was not even a little impressed with The Grunch, and, in fairness, he does fall down a lot. So, not a very coordinated Grunch.

I didn’t end up doing the bike. Other things got in the way, like poopy underpants, laundry, and bath time. But I have started working on the Motivated Playlist.

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