Where Are My Pants?

I was rather emotional today. Almost in tears sometimes when, as usual, I was pulled away from my work the entire second half of the day. Super pissed to find the ladies room out of order more than an hour before the end of my shift. Annoyed with my counterpart, who was somehow able to keep slipping away from ringing when I was not. Disgusted with a customer who came and went through my line with a return while on her phone through 100% of the transaction and barely spoke to or acknowledged me the entire time.

Something else happened with a different customer return that I can’t share, but it really, really bothered me. I can’t elaborate anymore on the subject.

I talked to my psychiatrist about how much I hate the Depo. But he didn’t want to change any of my other meds to compensate for it because he said the symptoms usually improve with time and I would only be on it for a few months, anyway. So I’m stuck with it right now.

Aislyn had a poopy accident pretty much right as I walked in the door.

I did not do any biking this afternoon. Aislyn was so proud of the reindeer noses she made with Gramma, so I had two of those and also a small piece of peppermint bark.

My next-size-down pants were supposed to arrive today, but when I go to My Orders, it says they haven’t even shipped, yet. And the live chat is no help; it’s not really a live chat at all, as there’s no conceivable way around the chatbot.

It’s been a day.

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