“He asked to see mine, but I wouldn’t show it to him.”

(It’s not what you think. It’s a line from The Rutles, one of my favorite movies of all time.)

Another early, early morning. At least it’s a short day. And by “short,” I mean 8 hours instead of 10.

Hopefully today I can squeeze in a workout. I haven’t started my new play list, though.

I got really cute wrapping paper from work: Super Mario, Peanuts, Elf, and, as Aislyn used to call him, The Grunch. I have yet to do any wrapping, however.

I am still stuck on what to get my brothers. Thus far I have a wooden bowl. I know, lame. I may just keep the bowl.

WW has been an awesome week so far. All blue days with low-end daily numbers, except Sunday was 29, but still blue. I expect to be in the next decade down on Sunday.

My stomach’s bothering me a bit. We’ll see how being stranded at a register for hours works for me today 😐

Here’s my avatar:

Pretty good likeness, face a little round.

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