Mountains out of Mole Hills

There’s a possibility I’ve underestimated myself. D fits better than I expected.

I’m wearing a form-fitting skirt today because I just don’t care. It’s stretchy and comfortable and has a hidden pocket for my pedometer/ phone. I think it might not look as bad as I think, anyway.

I slept part of the night in Desmond’s room, and although he’s only 8, he somehow spreads his little body across most of his double bed. So I was a bit cramped.

I had my usual bowl of cereal, but measured it out: 5 points with almond milk. Still had enough in my budget for my waffle this morning.

I’ve tracked most of my food for the week. My dinosaur Toshiba laptop from 2009 finally shat the bed completely, so no more iTunes. So I signed up for Spotify to make my play list. Way more convenient, anyhow.

I called my OB, too. They’re on it.

It’s going to be a much better week.

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