Home Today?

I thought for sure that Desmond would be home today after last night. But he seemed to improve as the morning went on. He was well enough to throw down with his sister, that’s for sure.

He said he felt well enough to go to school. No fever. It’s possible he just got really motion sick from the swings yesterday. Both kids get motion sick way too easily. We have to give them both Dramamine if we go anywhere, even just to Home Depot in the next city over from us, for Aislyn. She may have already christened Derek’s new car, I can’t remember.

I drive the same POS I’ve had since 2012. But Derek’s KIA was stalling out at every light, and that was scary to me.

I shouldn’t complain about my Yaris. He’s been a really good Yaris for almost 10 years. I’ve had minimal issues until the last few years. He’s just getting old and senile, now.

Sorry, Yaris. You’re not a POS, I was just kidding ❤️

So I’ll be interested to see if Des has in fact gotten through his whole school day.

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