I wear glasses 100% of the time I’m not in bed. I’m so nearsighted that, without my glasses, I can’t read what I’ve just typed on my phone.

Normally, I buy my new frames and lenses right from the eye doctor’s office. But I decided not to do that this time.

My mother-in-law told me about this site:, where you can get ridiculously inexpensive glasses.

You can browse glasses by style, cost, color, material, etc.

You just fill in your prescription information, and off you go.

There’s a feature on the site that allows you to “try on” different pairs virtually, utilizing your camera. It actually works not too badly.

I was able to buy three different pairs for well under $200.

The only downside to this is that you don’t physically try on the glasses before buying them. So you don’t know absolutely how they’re going to look, other than with the camera feature.

But they’re so inexpensive, it doesn’t even matter. Some frames are as low as $8.00.

The pair I’m wearing is my third try, and I get compliments all the time—sometimes from complete strangers. I never got compliments on my expensive frames. These ones are also different from the ones I’ve worn for decades, though. They have thicker frames and are more retro.

The only thing is, I wouldn’t recommend ordering wire rims from them. The ones I got were really light, thin, and super delicate. I think my current frames are plastic.

If you’re looking for something different and fun, definitely check out EyeBuyDirect.

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