Yup, I’m in trouble for sure this week.

Eggplant parm sub for dinner. It said “small,” but it was huge, and I ate the whole thing. And many, many Fiber One brownies. I skipped lunch, which was a big mistake. Never skip meals, you will more than make up for them in calories later—probably empty ones.

My weeklies are in the hole. I won’t say how deeply in the hole.

I blew off half my workouts.

It’s not that I’m not motivated. I really, really am.

I think it’s the Depo. They did tell me that weight gain was a possibility in about 30% of patients. I just assumed it wouldn’t be an issue for me because, you know, I’m superhuman. No, because I’m doing WW and I’d be tracking everything. I didn’t realize it would also sap all my energy and make me blow up like a balloon.

Anyway, I’ve already sent the OB a message via patient portal saying I want to move forward with the surgery. So, worst-case scenario, I’ll have some symptoms to learn how to cope with for the next 87 days. It could be worse.

The good news is, despite my two naps today, I still feel tired enough to go to sleep.


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