I Love NSVs!

I got the best compliment today from Zoe. I told her I’ve lost almost 60 pounds on WW. She asked me somewhat incredulously where I had held all that weight, like she was unable to imagine me heavy.

60 pounds does make a big difference on my little frame. I have a “Before” picture, except I wasn’t 208 at that point; I was 195. Still, I do look very different in the photo than I do now, much rounder. Although Derek insists that particular picture really made me look heavier than I actually was at the time.

Too bad pictures can’t do the opposite. Well, I suppose virtually anything can be achieved with Photoshop.

But seriously, I’ve always tried to represent myself as accurately as possible. What’s the point in embellishing? You’re going to figure it out eventually. While I won’t necessarily tell you my precise weight, I’m not going to lie about it, either.

The first change I noticed was in my face. I was doing a lot of Zoom interviews when I first started back at WW. Next thing I knew, my towel wrapped all the way around me again. Next, my clothes were too loose.

I’ve gone down at least three sizes since May. But probably more, if I can manage to pull off a medium or even XS unbuttoned.

Biking has helped immensely. Working at TJX has also helped a lot. I’ve already got 5,000+ steps for today.

So that’s all for now. It’s been a pretty good day, not much ringing, although I expect that to change minutarily.

Have a nice afternoon. Work hard. We always do, right?

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