Oh, the Pain!

No pockets today, so guess where my phone ended up. Unfortunately, I had it at a weird angle, so that it was pushing up against…something, and every time I grazed my shopping cart with the front of me, OWWWW!

There’s got to be a better way!

I’d say belt clip, but I’m not wearing a belt. Maybe I should get a tool belt like Harriet the Spy has. I could keep a little notebook in there, too, like she does, hide out under a processing table in the back room and write snarky comments about the employees. They’re a bunch of grouches back there, anyway.

More often than not, I get yelled at for some reason or other when I go in there while they’re “doin’ the truck.” I avoid the back room at all costs in the morning.

If I hear one more iteration of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” or that “Last Christmas” song by Wham, I am going to lose my shit. Just saying. Christmas Muzak is even worse than regular.

I wanted to buy this red V-neck sweater dress, but I have $8.32 in my checking account right now. Guess I’m not getting that, today…or ever. They’ll hold stuff for you 24 hours.

Maybe they’ll forget to put it away and I can get it Friday. Nah, they won’t forget, and I’ll be out a nice-looking dress. It’ll get snatched up same day it’s returned to the floor. Bummer.

Too bad I spent $35 on a whole array of bras in yet another wrong size last week. That would’ve more than covered it.

I’m not great with money. I might be better if I had more of it. But I don’t think it quite works that way.

Back to it. Have a good afternoon.

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