I just ate a 12-point bowl of cereal. I would’ve done better with two small pieces of leftover Pizza Hut (10 points).

I wonder if my aunt will call me tonight. I love my aunt, but she has called me four or five times over the last week or so, asking the exact same questions and making the exact same comments.

And if I don’t pick up the first time she calls, she’ll call again three more times.

I don’t particularly like talking on the phone with 99% of the population. Texting is better, but she won’t text me. Only to say my voice mail box is full and to call her.

Also, she is the one who comments on my weight every time she sees me. I went through all of that with my mother already, I really don’t want to do it again. I don’t know why I don’t feel like I can just say that to her.

I feel tired, tonight. I am ready for bed. I did work 7-5, get home and do housework until basically 6:30, though.

I have to fill out a pre-conference form for Desmond. They gave us tonight to get it done and back. It’s not that hard, though, I guess. Desmond loves school until the novelty wears off and he gets bored of it. Then he complains about going.

He used to get pulled for daily individual math sessions with the previous STEM teacher because he’s so advanced, but she’s not there, anymore, so I don’t know what if any enrichment he gets. There’s no gifted program at Garrison or probably any of the other Dover elementary schools.

I think he’d probably get bored no matter what, anyway. It’s school, after all.

He does love predictability and routines. He’s been writing To Do lists for years. Guess he’s Type-A, too.

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