WW Week in Review

I’m expecting another loss, as evidenced by my home scale, though possibly not as spectacular as last week’s 3 pounds. Most of yesterday wasn’t great, and neither was Friday, if memory serves. I did get 6 out of 7 blue dot days, though.

I am going to need to get back on the bike, I think. I’m not getting enough steps in at work anymore to compensate. Too much ringing. But it should go back to normal in January when things die down.

I’ve never been so excited for the holidays to get over.

I weigh myself at home only on Sunday, which is weigh-in day. I do it so as not to be blindsided at the workshop by a shocking number on their scale. The number on my scale is usually a bit higher than theirs. But usually I can still see a loss from the previous week. So, all told, I weigh myself at home once a week.

WW recommends weighing in weekly. But Noom recommends weighing in daily. They say it’s research-supported that people are most successful losing weight with daily weight checks.

I tried Noom for a couple of months. Noom is good, too, I just didn’t follow it. It probably would’ve worked if I had.

Tom, the reverend who married us many years ago (this month), has lost almost as much weight as I have (maybe more, by now, I haven’t been on FB in a while), and in even less time, on Noom. So I know it’s a good program.

One of the problems I had with Noom was that there are no in-person meetings (no meetings at all). Those are really motivating for me. For a while, even WW was all virtual during COVID, and the Zoom meetings didn’t work for me. I didn’t feel like I could actively participate in them, and I hated seeing myself on the screen. So I eventually gave up.

So as soon as I was fully vaccinated I started going to in-person meetings again, and I’ve been losing ever since.

I could not weigh myself everyday. A lot of people do. But I know me. It would only make me crazy. I would obsess. We all know body weight fluctuates naturally from day to day. And every upswing on the scale for me would equal a bad day, and I would feel defeated. Intellectually I’d understand it was normal, but emotionally it would eat me up.

Anyway, time to go. Stay tuned for this week’s results.

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