Down 1.8 this week. I was expecting more. Oh well. Still good, I guess. I got spoiled with last week’s number.

I’m just a couple of pounds away from the next…it’s not a decade, but I don’t know what you would call it. Anyway, you know what I mean. Almost there. Should be there by next week.

If I consistently lose 2 pounds a week, it could be 3 months to goal. Just in time for spring.

Getting back on the bike would help. I’m just not sure when! Weekends, I guess. Wednesday-Thursday afternoons.

I’m sitting here at the workshop, everyone else is in sweaters or their coats, and little beads of sweat are dripping down the lenses of my glasses right now.

Why am I so hot?

The mask isn’t helping. But, according to my stepmother, New Hampshire’s numbers are the worst in the country, right now. Scary.

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