Well, I did it. I got on the bike. It was hard. I am out of bike-shape; I could only do resistance at a 4 (my baseline is 3), when I used to do 5 with no problem.

But I did it. I said I would, and I did. I am committed.

Yes in deed, I follow through.

NSV: One of the tops I bought over the weekend, I must’ve accidentally grabbed in the wrong size, because when I got it home, it was an extra small. I tried it just because.

I mean, it didn’t not fit. Of course it was snug, but the material had enough give that I can get away with it, and I didn’t plan on ever buttoning it, anyway (it would at least be too tight across the chest), just wearing a little black tank top underneath.

I’ll be in a bikini this summer. Lol, no.

Well, have a nice night. Sweet dreams 😉

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