Song Lyrics That Blow My Mind

  • There’s a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you’re around. Swear that you could hear it, it makes such an almighty sound. Louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell (Florence and the Machine: Drumming Song 2009)
  • I want love to walk right up and bite me, grab a hold of me and fight me, leave me dying on the ground (Jack White: Love Interruption 2012)
  • Ooh, you draw such pictures in my head. Ooh, in so few words I know what you’ve said/ I drift away but you pull me in. I’m the ocean, you’re the moon (311: Give Me a Call 2003)
  • I’m a tree that grows hearts, one for each that you take. You’re the intruder’s arm. I’m the branch that you break (Bjork: Bachelorette 1997)
  • Years of frustration lay down side by side, and it’s only you who can tell me apart, and it’s only you who can turn my wooden heart (Portishead: Only You 1997)
  • You shimmy shook my bone, leaving me stranded all in love on my own. Do you think of me? Where am I now, oh baby where do I sleep? Feel so good but I’m old. 2,000 years of chasing taking its toll…and it’s coming closer (Kings of Leon: Closer 2008)
  • My blood it wants to say hello to you. My fears want to get inside of you. My soul is so afraid to realize how very little there is left of me. And I want you (NIN: Perfect Drug 1997)

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