Pants Problems

Even these new pants in the next size down aren’t staying up. Argh! I know it’s generally a good problem to have, but it’s a waste of time and money. These pants are two wears old.

I wasted most of my lunch break at The Parcel Room trying to ship a package. Now I have to wolf down my food and this post is going to be weak.

I have to ring when I go back out there, too. At least I get out at 3 today.

I’m having another kickass WW week, so far. I had two slices of pizza for dinner last night and still stayed within the healthy point range. I haven’t had a fudge round in, like, two weeks.

One strategy I use is to put things away, out of sight, out of my reach, or all three. All I’ve had to do with the fudge rounds is put them in the cabinet.

It’s because I’m super motivated, that’s why.

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