Even though I was only there until 3, it seemed like a long day. I did have the Depo appointment right after. Only now am I really getting to sit down.

Maybe it’s because I got up at 4:30 today. I feel impatient and tired. I kind of just want to go to bed. But I at least have to read with Desmond. Should probably finish the laundry, too. The whole reason I did it was because I wanted certain clothes for tomorrow.

My hands are so dry and cracked from work. All the cardboard I have to cut up. I use hand cream all the time but it only provides temporary relief. I have a big box of Band-Aids in my locker because I bleed, too.

My mother’s hands were dry and rough. She was self-conscious of them, but I liked the way it felt when she rubbed my back.

I love my back rubbed and my hair stroked. Desmond has always played with my hair—less so, now, though.

Everyone is happy about me wanting to be a coordinator, but I have to talk to the head manager, the one who’s out until Friday.

I resisted the urge to get an iced coffee with butter pecan swirl from Dunkin’ Donuts. 11 points for a medium, but I almost never drink the whole thing, anymore. I really only need a few sips and I’m good.

I haven’t been on Facebook in a month or more. Even Facebook overwhelms me sometimes (Desmond used to pronounce it “oberwhemmed” when he was littler). I signed up originally to help establish an online presence for myself as a writer. Employers want to see that you’re adept at managing social media and whether or not you have a following.

But sometimes I’d just get so bored of being on FB. Or bummed out. I still use Messenger, though, to communicate with my brother.

I really need to pick up reading again. I have a queue of books I have to read, including a 40-page novella written by my friend, Cecily Strong’s autobiography, and a book about WW. I’ve been very lazy about reading.

Off to read Big Nate with Desmond.

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