Tasks I Felt Like I Had to Complete When I Got Home from Work and Before I Could Take Off My Work Clothes and Sit Down for Dinner

  1. Talk to everybody about their day.
  2. Throw Desmond and my masks from today in the dirty pile.
  3. Package and address a Hanukah present for my stepmother.
  4. Put away Aislyn’s toys in the living room.
  5. Have Aislyn help me put away living room toys.
  6. Put the recycle bins in the pantry.
  7. Empty my work bag.
  8. Throw together tomorrow’s lunch.
  9. Have Aislyn change into her pajamas.
  10. Pick up toys that were left in the kitchen.
  11. Pick up toys that were left in the dining room.
  12. Rinse out Aislyn’s dirty underpants.
  13. Clean out Aislyn’s potty.
  14. Put breakfast dishes in the sink.

Tasks I Didn’t Get to Complete Before Taking Off My Work Clothes and Eating

  1. Wipe the dinner table.
  2. Call my aunt.
  3. Sweep Cookie Crisp off the kitchen floor.

Tasks I Still Had to Complete Before I Could Sit Down After Work

  1. Do the dishes.
  2. Wipe the dinner table.
  3. Clean off the kitchen island.
  4. Put away the leftovers.
  5. Say goodnight to Aislyn.
  6. Take off my work clothes.

This is just to give you an idea of how very A-type I truly am.

I know I promised a more exciting post than the lunchtime edition but damned if I could come up with anything more stimulating than this. My body is so sore that all I can really think about is soaking in a nice, hot bath, but to do that, I’d have to clean the tub.

The kids’ tub is clean, but it’s shallower than the upstairs bathroom. I would probably be cold, as the water wouldn’t conceal…everything. Sorry, TMI.

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