Lunch consists of two hard boiled eggs and fruit, either fresh or cups. Everyday. 0 points.

You might think I would get tired of this arrangement. But I’m okay with it. I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday, too: coffee with non-dairy, sugar free creamer (it’s actually pretty tasty, believe it or not) and a blueberry Eggo waffle, plain: 5 points.

Unless I’m up in the middle of the night, which I usually am, lately. Then, while I’m up, I eat a big bowl of frosted shredded wheat with almond milk (I don’t drink regular milk anymore): 7 points (but probably really 12–I don’t measure my portions), and then I skip the waffle at breakfast time. I eat fruit during my early break, too, and of course, soda.

Dinner varies from day to day. Derek does the cooking.

Then I usually have a snack, or two. I have two snacks 😉 Depending on whether I’m still awake after 9:30. Fiber One brownies are very good, and only 2 points. I also occasionally like Halo Top peanut butter cup ice cream. At first I couldn’t deal with ice cream that wasn’t real, but I’ve gotten used to it. And the peanut butter helps.

We switch off who puts Aislyn to bed now, because the transition used to be difficult for her, and so it became a lengthy and sometimes arduous process. It’s not so bad, anymore. She loves Pete the Cat.

I’m a creature of habit, I guess.

I apologize for this boring post. I can’t think what else to write just now. And now I must return to work. I promise my next post will be more exciting.

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