Up Early

New NSV: my blue jean dress from years ago fits again. It’s a medium.

One of the perks of weight loss is closet shopping. I don’t usually donate my smaller sizes, for the same reason I do donate the larger ones. I’m trying to create the expectation for myself that, one way or another, I’m going to make my way back to those littler clothes. And, sure enough, I have.

Closet shopping is even more fun than actual shopping, because it’s just you and it’s all stuff you know you like. Except, of course, if your closet doubles as a crammed-to-the-max storage space and Christmas gift stash.

A few years ago I had it set up really nicely. It’s a walk-in with lighting and carpeting. I even put a mirror in there, and a wall clock. It was my little happy place. But now it’s jam-packed, just as every storage space in the house is. Pantry, basement. It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff you accumulate over the years.

I think we’re having the Got Junk? guys in, in the spring, at least to the basement. That will help alleviate some of the clutter.

When my space is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered. Must be an “A” thing.

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