User Stickiness (Ewwwww)

My computer charged, so thank God for that. It’s the most expensive and worst laptop I’ve ever had.

One of the metrics on analytics is called “user stickiness.” I find this amusing. And gross.

25 Blue Days in December is my next mini-project. I told my mother-in-law I had about 30 pounds to go. She said if I lose 30 pounds I’ll be a skeleton. So maybe I’m closer to my goal than I think I am.

Back to work tomorrow.

I need to shower and shave my legs. I picked a bad night for it. Desmond wants to wrap Aislyn’s present, and I said let’s wait until she goes to bed. That means 7. I put Desmond to bed at 8, and that takes a long time because we read together first and then I lay down with him. It’s this whole ritual we’ve had since he was a baby. I’m not sure when to start weaning him from it. Probably in about…two years ago. So, soon might be good. Because by the time I’m done that, it’s pretty much my bedtime.

Right now he likes Big Nate comics. He’s a little young for Big Nate, so he doesn’t quite get all of the humor, but I think it’s his favorite. He also reads Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. Dog Man is fantastic. I am jealous of that writer.

Other writers I’m currently jealous of:

  • Wally Lamb
  • RJ Palacio
  • Joyce Carol Oates

Desmond has very unique interests, too. He likes state and national flags, and a thing called algaecosathlon (don’t ask). He also likes various emergency alert systems. At times I have suspected spectrum, but I don’t anymore. I think he’s just idiosyncratic like his mama.

Shaving my legs takes forever because I don’t have my glasses on in the shower, so I can’t see what I’m doing. If I want my legs really smooth, I have to spend a lot of time on them.

My dermatologist says I’m supposed to be spreading lotion all over my body after showering, too, but, I’m sorry, who has time for that? I barely have time to do my hands, and my hands really need it. The rest of me is still quite soft. I’ve always had smooth skin for the most part.

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