POS Laptop

My computer that I spent $1,000 on last November isn’t even taking a charge anymore. I’ve had nothing but problems with it. It’s a Dell.

I expect a good weigh-in tomorrow. I’ve had an awesome week. I actually stayed on program and tracked everything for the first time in many, many weeks. At least a 2 pound loss (I suspect).

Noom says you should weigh yourself daily, that research indicates success this way, but I can’t bring myself to do it. The constant fluctuation would only make me insane. I would obsess over the number.

I only do it the morning of weigh-in, so I’m not blind-sided by bad news at the workshop. I’ve only had one gain since I started again in May, though, and it was only 0.8. I’ve done quite well.

I bought new pants (petite) in the next size down, and they fit, so things are looking up. I’ll keep you posted (yay, puns).

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