I got another compliment on the pet department today from someone else. It’s probably silly, but I like being told I’m good at things. Even the small things matter to me.

The box of food I was pushing had a broken, leaky jar of fig jam in it, and I got some on me. It was all good, though, it came off with some water and I was dressed down today, anyway.

“Fig-jammed” sounds dirty to me, so naturally I am using it as my title. Don’t let my big wide eyes fool you. I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Double entendres are my favorite sport.

None of my pants stay up, anymore. Even the smaller ones. This means either I need a belt or new pants, but, as aforementioned in a prior post, new pants are a pain in the ass because I will probably need them hemmed. And yes, I do realize loose pants aren’t the worst problem you can have at Thanksgiving (unless you’re my cousin, who is the only woman I’ve ever known who has always tried to gain weight because she’s a 5 foot 7 beanpole).

Losing weight does cost money. I’ve got two trash bags of clothes in my trunk that recently no longer fit me. But I don’t believe in keeping my bigger sizes, because I think I’m sending myself the message that I’m not actually going to keep the weight off this time. I did the same thing in 2018 and wound up having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Call me stubborn, but…

I blame COVID for regaining the weight I lost. I used the pandemic as an excuse to let myself go. At one point in 2020, probably winter, and well before any vaccine was in sight, I was quite depressed, and, because I was overweight and I have high blood pressure, unfortunately, I was almost certain I was going to die.

The high blood pressure runs in my family, so I don’t think it has anything to do with being overweight.

I used to say I never wanted to get old. After the pandemic, I will never say that again. Now, living long enough to grow old is all I want.

This post has taken an unexpected turn for the serious.

Here’s a fun fact: next weekend (not this coming one, but the following), I get 20% off everything at work instead of 10%. I already have a collection of holds going that consists of Christmas presents and TOO MUCH CLOTHING. The thinner I get, the more I enjoy shopping. I can’t help it.

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