Work is Therapeutic

Work keeps me busy and takes my mind off other stuff…a little.

I like my early mornings, especially. I get to organize, and I love to organize. I probably could’ve been a professional organizer or interior designer. I can actually do quite a few things well. Teaching 4th grade, not so much. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, though, right?

Apparently other people think I’m good at organizing/ merchandising, too. I got the best compliment from my supervisor today. She said the pets department can be a total disaster and by the time I’m finished with it, she doesn’t know how, but it looks great. So nice to be appreciated. I’m sad she’s probably leaving.

Organizing things centers me. I need that.

It is nice to be working away from home again. I was remote for a year and a half. I did get to be home with the kids, and I enjoyed remote work, but sometimes you need a little time away, too.

I definitely have more energy now, moving around a lot more. And my eating habits overall have improved.

So it’s been good for my physical and mental health.

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