In WW (formerly Weight Watchers), NSV stands for Non-Scale Victory. I had one today. My pocketed skirts came today. The first one was way too big, as I bought it based on a dated size recommendation from Amazon. The second one is the next size down from what I’ve been wearing most of the time, and it’s a bit snug, but fits well enough. Same with a dress I just bought at work. I am approaching my goal size at light speed.

To other people, I probably look about average at this point: not heavy, not thin. I feel a lot better than I did back in May when I started this particular journey. I was running out of breath just going upstairs, or bending over to tie my shoes. I couldn’t cross my legs. I had acid reflux, sometimes nightly. I’ve come so far from that point. And it really wasn’t that long ago.

I think I was in kind of a bad mood last night. I mean, it’s true my eating habits haven’t been the best lately. I think I just need a really strong motivator. Maybe I should try to do some visualization or something.

I also think what you put out into the universe is what you end up with. So, Universe, I’d like to be a size 6 again, please. Just kidding (kind of). But I’ll get there. The universe takes care of me eventually.

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